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My philosophy on teaching is to explore ways in which my students find their own musical expression, such as their own voice and interests. Throughout the course of their lessons, they will learn to be their own critical teacher by extensively analyzing their own weaknesses and strengths. The core task of every lesson is to provide a variety of methods and approaches to the student to better guide them in fully comprehending and correlating every topic of each lesson.

Music is about sharing, enjoyment, creativity and fun! It is my goal to make sure you get what you ask for. If your interest is learning a pop song for the fun  of it, I would be more than happy to pursue that route. If you would like to learn classical cello, I will be by your side. It is very important to me as a teacher that I let my students decide their own interests and time put into learning the cello. 

I teach online, on site or in my private rehearsal room. My lessons are available in German or English.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Nectaria Delgadillo_Cello Teacher
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